Katy Drury Anderson
(415) 710-7669


1996-2002: College of Marin Fiber Sculpture and Surface Design
1988-1990: UCLA Extension Fiber Art
1987: Seminar with Master Japanese Papermaker, Y. Ikezaki
1983 : ACCE: Cal State Long Beach
1978: B.S. Nursing, University of San Francisco
1973: B.A. Sociology, University of California Berkeley

Artist Statement

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action. There is a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.”   Martha Graham

That “quickening,” that “life force” is a constant energy that surges through my veins and sparks my creativity. I make art because I must. An interesting concept, an unusual form or a sudden vision can steal me from my duties or awaken me from my dreams.

The challenge of creating beauty or complexity from something raw and simple has inspired me to explore a variety of media.  However, over the past decade, I have become passionate about felting wool fleece. By using wet and dry techniques, laminating gauzy silks to the wool fibers, inlaying embellishments, and blending colored fleece, I create painterly art- to-wear fabrics or whimsical three-dimensional forms.

My series, “Womb With A View” explores the connection between human and botanical reproduction. During my career as an Obstetrical nurse, I have witnessed many women struggled to conceive and sustain their developing fetuses and have become fascinated by the distinct similarity between their protective wombs and botanical pods. By utilizing wet, dry and hybrid felting techniques, I have designed an array of pods, ranging from fertile, ripe, pristine and supportive, to repulsive, distressed, or hauntingly barren.

 “Mother, Mother Ocean” and “Essence of Life” were inspired by my respect for our planet’s water bodies and their delicate, endangered ecosystems. The Tao teaches us, that “nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”  “Essence of Life” demonstrates “the water course way,” and reminds us to be strong yet flexible in our daily lives.  “Mother, Mother Ocean,” reflects my concern for the health and survival of our kelp beds, coral reefs and the sea life they sustain.

As in the process of creating life, felting requires strength, calculation, patience, and a sensitive connection to the subtle transformation of the material. My intention is to emphasize our interconnection with nature and to demonstrate the patience and dedication required for creation in any form. I hope to convey my deep appreciation for the “life force” that I possess and I invite the viewer to share in the wonder that I experience in my work as an artist and a nurse.

Selected Exhibitions

August: “Green,” Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Award: Second Place
July: Marin County Fair, Award: Third Place,Fine Arts,Textiles.
June: “Storytelling, “Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, CA.

June: “Focus on Fiber,” SFAC, Sacramento, CA. Award: "Most Unusual Wearable.”
May: “Recycle, “Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Brooklyn, NY.

May: “Recycle,” Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Brooklyn, NY.
January: “Fiber,”Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA. Highlighted Artist, “Marin Independent Journal.”

September: "Art of the Bra," Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA.
Juried exhibition and auction supporting women fighting breast cancer.
September: Featured Artist, Blue Line Arts Online Magazine

December: Intersections VI, Fiberdimension, San Francisco, CA.
July: California State Fair, Sacramento, CA. Award of Excellence
February: Crocker Art Museum presents 5 Award Winners from the Crocker - Kingsley Exhibit

July: "Rivers and Streams," Healdsburg Art Center, Healdsburg, CA.
August: "Crossroads," National Juried Exhibition, Awarded Second Place
November: Crocker-Kingsley Exhibit at the Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, CA. (Honorable Mention)

July: Fiber Art from the Bay Area, Blue line Gallery, Roseville, CA.
July: Fiberdimensions at the Bay Model, Sausalito, CA.
July: Fiber Artistry, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Healdsburg, CA.
April: 43rd International Fiber Art Exhibiton, Olive-Hyde Gallery, Fremont
, CA.

October, Intersections V, Fiberdimensions at the Presidio, San Francisco

July: Fort Mason Center, " Green Dimensions"   Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
June: "Fiberdimensions at Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA

July:  " IntersectionsIV: Fiberdimensions Art Exhibition" San Francisco, CA.
July: " I Express...." Sonoma State University Library Art Center, Sonoma, CA.

"Nothing New"   Joan Mondale Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
"3rd Annual Fiber Art Exhibition"  Santa Cruz Art League

March: Fiber/Dimensions at the Pence Gallery. Davis, CA.
Intersections III  Fiberdimensions Art Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
"Fiber Art" Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA.

Sept.: "Piece: Fiberworks and Quilts," Alameda Center for the Arts, Award of Excellence
July: "Rock, Paper, Scissors," Sausalito, CA.
April: Bay Model. Fiber/Dimensions, Sausalito, CA.
Jan.: DiRosa Preserve Annual Juried Exhibition, Napa CA.

Nov.: "Fiber/Dimensions at Pacifica," Sanchez Art Gallery, Pacifica, CA.
Nov.: "Craftsmen Extraordinare," Danville Fine Arts Gallery, Danville, CA.
July: " The Art Of Politics," International Invitational, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
May: Oive Hyde Gallery "36th Annual Textile Art Exhibit, International"
April: Intersections II: Fiber/Dimensions Art Exhibition, San Francisco, CA.

Dec.: 16th Annual Open Studios, Schoonmaker Artists, Sausalito, CA.
Nov.: "Far Off the Runway,"  V. Breier Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Dec.: 15th Annual Winter Show, Schoonmaker Artists
Oct.: Women's Work, juried exhibition, Gallery Ophelia, Los Angeles, CA.
Aug.: Visions and Voices, juried exhibition, Sight and Insight Gallery, Mill Valley,CA
March: Annual St. Patrick's Day Ball, Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco

Dec: Visceral Works, Ten Fiber Artists, Sight and Insight Gallery, Mill Valley, CA
Spring: College of Marin Annual Juried Show, Honorable Mention
March: Annual St. Patrick's Day Ball, Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Spring: College of Marin Annual Juried Show

Spring: College of Marin Annual Juried Exhibition

Solo Exhibitions

March, 2001: United Irish Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
March, 2002: United Irish Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
Spring, 1993: Seventh Heaven Gallery. San Anselmo, CA

Private Commissions

1989: Fahrner
1993: Guest
1993: Dugan
1993: Williams
1996: Hylbak
1997: Holt