Cynthia Jensen
(415) 497-1328

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Artist Statement

The concepts of impermanence and interconnectedness are at the core of my work. I use materials such as paper, bark, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, clay, and metal, as well as recycled and found objects. My goal is to create sculptures that have been stripped down to bare essence, resulting in fragmented and somewhat skeletal pieces. Negative space is frequently more significant than positive in my work. Fragility is always a factor. Most often, my work consists of a series of pieces. The  interrelationship  of the individual pieces within the series is an important factor in the overall impact.

Much of my sculptural work takes the form of a bowl or cylinder. Other pieces are more linear or even figurative.  All of my work is a statement about the impact of civilization and industry on our environment. I like to challenge perception by using an industrial material to mimic a natural material or the reverse. Several pieces combine both types of media in one piece making it difficult to distinguish one from the other.

I stress texture, line and movement while color is usually quite subtle in my sculpture. Many of my processes are reductive. I bleach, melt, burn, drill, cut, scratch, and tear my materials. Conversely, I weave, stitch, layer, tie, mold, cast, nail, screw and weld elements together. Image and text are often incorporated using silk-screening and other printing methods, and surfaces are sometimes embellished with paints, pigments, dyes and patinas.